Examinations for Physics 153: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Reading examinations: From time-to-time during the semester you will be given an on-line reading exam on the reading assignment outlined in the syllabus. These reading examinations test whether or not a reading assignment was completed. They are all pass/fail and cannot be made up. They must be completed before the lecture starts. You may miss or fail up to two reading exams, or you lose 5% of your grade.

Quizzes: There are three quizzes. Each quiz is two hours long and will be taken in the labs in Regents from 10:00 am -- 12:00 pm. The quiz dates are as follows:

Each quiz will include one laboratory question and one tutorial question. The first two quizzes will include one of the practice questions verbatim from TW. You are advised to work through as many of the practice questions as you can. Additional questions that cover the stated material will also appear.

Final Exam: Your final exam is Monday, December 12, 4:00--6:00 pm. It will include one or more tutorial questions, and additional questions on the lecture (no laboratory questions). The final is cumulative.

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Jim Freericks, Professor of Physics, freericks at physics dot georgetown dot edu