Tutorials for Physics 153: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

The tutorials are a group-based learning experience which focuses on the conceptual physics ideas of relativity and quantum mechanics. You will work with a group of three to four other students on worksheets that will focus you on common misconceptions about the material and help you discover on your own how to resolve and understand the misconceptions. These materials are developed by the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington.

Each tutorial session has a tutorial warm-up, which is a ten-minute exercise that asks questions to have you confront ideas that may be challenging to you. These warm-ups are not graded, but you are required to take them. They are used in research to determine how effective the tutorials are in enhancing your learning of the material.

The tutorials form an important part of the course. Attendance is mandatory. You are allowed to miss three tutorial sessions without penalty. Missing more than three sessions reduces your overall grade by 5%. Each tutorial session has a homework assignment that is due the following week. Homework is due at the beginning of the class. Students found working on their homework during the tutorial session will receive no credit for those homework assignments.

Each quiz and the final exam will have at least one question that is based on the tutorials.

Last modified July 19, 2002.

Jim Freericks, Professor of Physics, freericks at physics dot georgetown dot edu