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Here is the code you have all been waiting for!

Below is the combined code in .zip and .tar.gz formats. Please remember all of this is a major work in progress and is by no means finished. We should all try to make this site comparable to it's IDL predecessor. We need YOU to write good, well documented code that will make this repository complete. The following is the minimal amount of code needed to filter and locate particles in 2d. The version of track here is fully 3D and the 3D feature and bpass are coming.

Below are the individual files in case you need one.



05/12/08- cntrd.m, bpass.m slightly modified and updated
09/14/07- pkfnd.m, bpass.m slightly modified to improve speed
03/02/07 - track.m,bug fixed with long maxdisp values
06/15/05 - pkfnd.m, cntrd.m slightly modified
08/29/05- cntrd.m, pkfnd.m, bpass.m slightly modified to improve sub-pixel accuracy

Additional Code

Some additional code for analysis and compatibility with code and data already produced with IDL.