The Matlab Particle Tracking Code Repository

Daniel Blair and Eric Dufresne

The idea:

In an effort to reach the broadest possible community of people who are interested in particle tracking, we have decided to make available our very basic adaptation of the famous IDL Particle Tracking software developed by David Grier, John Crocker, and Eric Weeks.

This site should serve as a repository for code that is developed and produced by users of Matlab for the purpose of particle locating and analysis. All of the code found here is free for use and distribution and should be considered covered under the terms of the GNU GPL. If you wish to contribute code that you have produced, please contact the maintainers of this site.

The tutorial:

Click for the Matlab based locating and tracking tutorial.

Essentially the theory of particle location and subsiquent tracking is no different in Matlab versus IDL. To fully understand the necessary information a comprehensive tutorial for the IDL code can be found here.


The code:

Click for newly developed Matlab code.

We welcome all comments, however criticizm should be directed accordingly.


Contact Info:

Daniel Blair, blair @

Eric Dufresne, eric.dufresne @