Class Homework Schedule for Physics 153: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Late assignments will be accepted only if prior arrangement has been made. Each assignment is worth 20 points, with the late penalty being 5 points off per day late. Homework is late if handed in after 4:00 pm on the date due. Homework forms an important aspect of this course. Be sure to start your assignments early. The instructors are happy to give assistance during office hours (or at other times, by appointment). You are encouraged to work in groups on homework assignments, but each individual must write up their own assignment in their own words. Exact copies of homework problem solutions will receive no credit!

You have three sources of help available to you for your homework problems. First, you can visit me during office hours, or at other times (when I am available). I am usually in the department between 9 and 5. Second, you can send an e-mail to james dot freericks at georgetown dot edu and I will respond with answers to your questions. If desired, I will copy the e-mail response to these questions to the entire class, which can benefit others if they have similar questions. Third, there are hints available to different questions on the homework by following the hints links below. Please try the problems yourself before looking at the hints, otherwise you will not get the maximum benefit of working on the problem sets to help you learn the material.

Last modified August 31, 2013

Jim Freericks, Professor of Physics, freericks at physics dot georgetown dot edu